Reflection: Vertical Alignment I Have Rain and you Don't? - Section 3: Explain


My kids are about halfway through the school year when I teach this lesson. They have developed a good sense of questioning and are able to understand more complex information, but they are still young so keeping things in alignment and concrete for them is important. 

In this lesson I made sure that the diagram that I use to teach the water cycle reflects the information learned in the reading as well as looks very similar to the independent work they do in the evaluation section. When young children see to many variations of similar content, they get confused and miss information. Vertically aligning materials and information presented prevents that from happening. 

This strategy is successful as you can see by how my students are able to use the diagram from the independent work section to explain the water cycle. They are able to do this with little to know prompting. Even my shyest students are able to explain with some moral support and prompting. 

  Vertical Alignment: Aligning the diagrams
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I Have Rain and you Don't?

Unit 8: Wondering about weather??
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT explain the Earth's water cycle by learning about rain.

Big Idea: Rain isn't magic; it's part of the water cycle and this lesson makes it clear to kids how that happens.

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