Reflection: Perseverance Building Electric Sculptures - Section 3: Independent Investigation


This was a difficult task for some and frustrating as well. Some students understood what they needed to do, but spent time troubleshooting short circuits and such issues. Others did not have the required knowledge to deal with issues as they arose. This provided opportunity for me to reteach concepts in the unit as we built their sculptures. I was able to remind students about certain components needed to ensure they had a circuit and to ask them prompting questions about their work. 

Some students gave up almost immediately when they encountered issues. Some persevered or changed their design to accommodate the needed components. It is important to have a few extra hands to help as it can get very busy as students troubleshoot their ideas.

We talk about how their grandiose ideas sometimes had to be toned down to meet the constraints of the materials. This is a great opportunity to talk about engineering and the realities engineers face daily due to material constraints.

  Perseverance: Scaffolding
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Building Electric Sculptures

Unit 9: Energy is Electric!
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: Students will problem-solve and use the engineering design process to make electrical circuits.

Big Idea: Students will use electricity in a fun and functional manner to make electric sculptures.

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