Reflection: Lesson Planning Basic Circuits - Day 2 - Section 2: Independent Investigation


I had to differentiate this lesson as some students had experienced this lesson with squishy dough before. I put them in their own group and gave them a different task. I wanted them to explore the efficiency of the dough to conduct electricity. I ask them to test different lengths and different thicknesses of the dough to see how thick and how long the dough could be before its capacity to conduct was affected. 

These students remained focused and motivated throughout the lesson and were still able to learn new information on the topic under discussion. This information also helped other groups troubleshoot their circuits.

  Lesson Planning: Differentiation
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Basic Circuits - Day 2

Unit 9: Energy is Electric!
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: Students will learn how to build basic electrical circuits.

Big Idea: Students continue to experiment with building circuits.

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