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The time of year that this lesson is taught is about mid-year. I have several language challenge students ranging from speech impaired to Mono-lingual Spanish speaking along with three developmentally delayed kids.

Showing the kids this simple video that focuses on content specific vocabulary in simple complete sentences supports English language acquisition for these students. The video chosen is also entertaining so the other kids enjoy it while the other kids use it to access vocabulary and language.

Carefully choosing videos to include in my lessons can be essential. Videos should be content specific and goal oriented. I only show my students videos to support specific learning targets and we take time to either discuss the subject matter or lead into the next section of the lesson.

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What do I Wear? An introduction to Weather

Unit 8: Wondering about weather??
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT identify with different types of weather by understanding the different physical needs for each type of weather.

Big Idea: Kids in certain climates do not experience a wide variety of weather. This lesson helps kids learn about types of weather that many have only seen on TV.

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Science, Science Skills, sentence structure, wind, rain, weather
  45 minutes
what to wear
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