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Now, that my lesson is over, and I have had a small chance to peruse the Evidence Statements that have recently been released, I believe my expectation was almost correct in the expectation for 2-ESS1-1.  

The statements expect students to be able to reason logically and connect evidence to their thinking. Not that I offer this for the students, but that they are able to construct this independently.  When I teach this lesson the next time, I will allow the students to go through the website with me and possibly take any notes they would like along the way.  I will offer them the cards to construct their own thinking and then go back and revisit it with the children after then have constructed their own timelines first.  

By doing this, I will offer them an opportunity to articulate their evidence (the Science and Engineering element --the blue), using evidence from the website (the Disciplinary Core Idea --the orange), and reason logically how that evidence connects to their thinking (the Cross Cutting element --the green).  

The Evidence Statements are exciting knowing that we now as teachers have an idea of what to expect our students to be able to accomplish by the end of our school year of learning.  Keeping in mind that the statements are not directed at our teaching, but the learning of our students.  

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Puzzling together the timeline of the Earth...

Unit 9: Unit 8 - Earth's Past...How Did it Get Here?
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT create and piece together the major eras of the Earth's transition from beginning to present day.

Big Idea: Understanding the huge idea of how long it has taken the Earth to reach it's present state is enormous. This lesson begins to attempt to open this concept up for students and create a timeline to document those changes.

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