Reflection: Checks for Understanding Egg Drop Engineering Project- Part 1 - Section 3: Explore/Explain/Elaborate


Ideally I would have liked to have assigned sections of a bulletin board/ wall in the science classroom so that students can keep track of their ideas and process for designing their capsule. This project board will be accessible by all of the students in the group and only people from a group can put new things or ideas on their own project boards.

This strategy would be a  great way to have the students self- assess, get ideas from others and I could have used it as a formative assessment. It would also be a great tool to use to make students' thinking visible. 

It's very similar to the ideas that engineers come up with and they are constantly changing their planning, and materials. My student also went through this process, but keeping it in a folder was probably not as valuable as it would have been to have it on a planning board.

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  Checks for Understanding: Planning Boards
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Egg Drop Engineering Project- Part 1

Unit 3: Gravity
Lesson 8 of 11

Objective: SWBAT Research and design the best method to safely drop cargo (an egg) from a height to prevent it from breaking.

Big Idea: Using the Science and Engineering processes, students will research and design the best way to drop a raw egg. They will design a container to hold the egg that will prevent the egg from breaking.

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