Reflection: Checks for Understanding Fashion a Bird: Day 3 - Section 3: Presentations of Our Crazy Birds


In the past, students were able to present more fluid presentations. They were more honed and practiced. But, that was due to the fact that their birds, just by chance, worked better than these. These birds had some really big physical impairments that would have made it almost impossible to survive. Things didn't match well. Webbed feet with long legs and short beaks didn't make it easy for the bird to eat. But, that in itself is the beauty of these three days worth of lessons. There was collaboration, problem solving, levels of engineering, and thinking that helped students grow to understand just how specialized structures had to work together in order for them to argue that their bird could survive. 

I can see rich extensions of this lesson when it comes to studying environmental science, habitats and abilities to adapt. This lesson links right in for fifth grade. Have fun with it! It comes out differently every time!

  Checks for Understanding: An Informal Assessment
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Fashion a Bird: Day 3

Unit 7: Animals: Structures and Processess
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Objective: Students communicate what they have learned about how specialized structures help their bird survive.

Big Idea: After collaboration and creating a written explanation of how their "Crazy Bird" can possibly survive with its specialized structures, students present their creations to the whole class.

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Science, Science, creativity, art integration, Specialized Structures, collaborative skills, adaptations of animals, adaptation, structures, animal
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