Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Same But Different - Section 4: Center Time


The students really enjoyed this activity.  I liked the idea of having them work in partners because they can have conversations about their thinking and strategy.  This offers direct peer teaching and learning.  The students are composing two dimensional shapes to create a composite shape (CCSS.Math.Content.1.G.A.2).

The Reflection's resource section has three items.  The photo is of a student's recording sheet from How Many Ways?  The student did a great job of recording the shapes but recorded the incorrect number of triangles and rhombuses.  However, they did find the correct sum of all the blocks used.

The video (Playing How Many Ways?) is an example of a student rolling and placing their pieces.  The video (How Many Ways? Counting) is an example of how a student records the number of pattern blocks used.  

  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Reflection on How Many Ways
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Same But Different

Unit 9: Shapes Within Shapes
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT describe, compare and name 2-D shapes. SWBAT decompose shapes in different ways.

Big Idea: Today, this common student answer will be the accepted one as students try to find different ways to fill in a hexagon.

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Math, Geometry, One-Dimensional Geometry, 1st Grade, composing sha
  70 minutes
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