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Students really like this type of project but there is a lot for them to consider.  Keep a close watch on student groups to ensure they are not so focused on the computer model and the look of the town that they forget to include the justification for their decisions.  

You might also consider having the groups develop a rotation or somehow divide up the computer model work (with different students being responsible for different aspects of the model) so that all students contribute to all parts of the project.  Unless there are issues, I let the groups figure out the best way for this to occur and then write out their plan for me to approve and initial.

  Keep a Close Watch
  Student Ownership: Keep a Close Watch
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Design Your Society

Unit 10: Design a Resilient, Self-Sustaining Community
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Objective: SWBAT use all they have learned about the potential impacts of climate change to create a 3D model of self-sustaining, resilient society.

Big Idea: It is time for students to apply all their newly acquired knowledge as they develop plans for a new society on Earth.

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