Reflection: Student Ownership Final Showcase - Section 3: Wrap Up


Most of my students did very well with this process. A couple of students had difficulty choosing a topic or sticking with a topic. I had one student, with little home support, struggle to get started on the process. This student gives up easily and tried to fly under the radar to avoid doing the work. Weekly check-ins with students quickly showed that he was not making progress. This was not a problem and I did not give him the chance to fail. I had already planned a second round of curiosity projects and so we got him started on a topic, which I told him he could finish during the second round of projects. He worked much slower than the rest of the class, but did experience success as he was not given the option of failing! This is a very important understanding for students. Perfectionists are often paralyzed by their inability to complete a task so they do not start in the first place. We, as teachers must assist them through the wall and make it into a door to success.

  Struggling to Learn in a Nebulous Environment
  Student Ownership: Struggling to Learn in a Nebulous Environment
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Final Showcase

Unit 8: Science Exploration Research Projects
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: Students share their evidence of learning and articulate the process.

Big Idea: Students are able to both articulate the process of learning and provide evidence of growth in understanding of a topic.

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