Reflection: Trust and Respect Chocolate Cookie Erosion - Section 4: Wrap Up


Having the discussion about the erosion relay right after the race often results in emotions eclipsing the learning objective of the race. Some students may feel that the race was rigged or unfair due to different amounts of lego blocks making up the rocks. I choose to return to the cookie erosion exploration and discuss it first to allow emotions to cool before we discuss the objective of the erosion relay. This helps students focus on the learning concepts rather than the emotions surrounding the race.

  Managing Emotions In The Classroom
  Trust and Respect: Managing Emotions In The Classroom
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Chocolate Cookie Erosion

Unit 6: Erosion Explosion
Lesson 1 of 9

Objective: Students understand that different forces affect the erosion process differently.

Big Idea: Students understand that there are different ways that earth materials become eroded and it happens in different ways and at different rates.

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