Reflection: Student Ownership Fossil Webquest - Section 5: Class Discussion/Wrap Up


My students learned many new fossil facts that they shared with a partner, however, I find that by sharing their web quest experience whole class, students were able to build on each other's ideas and generate additional questions that we could explore further in a later lesson. 

  Having a discussion as a wrap up encourages students to share new findings.
  Student Ownership: Having a discussion as a wrap up encourages students to share new findings.
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Fossil Webquest

Unit 11: Fossils, Evidence of Organisms That Lived Long Ago
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: Collaboratively research information about fossils using the internet and gathering at least 13 out of 15 facts accurately.

Big Idea: Scientists research fossils in order to provide evidence of the organisms and the environments in which they lived long ago.

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Science, Research and Technology, collaborative groups, paleontology, fossils
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