Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Intro to Narrative Poetry/Paul Revere's Ride - Section 3: Taking Notes on the Three Elements


One of the questions that middle schoolers just love to ask  is"How do you know the author did that on purpose?" 

This question reflects their limited understanding of the writer's craft. One of my jobs is to convince them that every choice an author makes is packed with meaning. They need to understand that, unlike many student authors, "real" authors agonize over decisions such as word choice or point of view.  I once saw an interview with Toni Morrison wherein she stated that sometimes it takes her a day to write a sentence.  This blows students' minds.

In the case of Paul Revere's Ride, I try to drive that point home by setting up a student to "discover" that the poem's rhythm is similar to that of horses' hooves.  The students -- in general -- are a bit awed by this.  I even had a student exclaim, "Wow!  That's a lot of work."


  How do you KNOW the poet did that on purpose?
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: How do you KNOW the poet did that on purpose?
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Intro to Narrative Poetry/Paul Revere's Ride

Unit 1: Narrative Poetry
Lesson 1 of 11

Objective: SWBAT identify and describe three elements of narrative poetry and apply that knowledge to a poem.

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