Reflection: Rigor Fashion a Bird: Day 2 - Section 2: And the Activity Begins!


The problem solving involved with this batch of bird creations was incredible to watch. One bird had long legs and no wings with ridiculously small feet. The neck was short and so now students realized that they had the whole issue of how this bird could possibly survive. It wouldn't have. It was physically impossible for this birdie to hunt. So, the challenge was to come up with an environment and a food it could easily get at without tipping over. This was just one hurdle they had to manage. But this is the beauty of discovery science. The original artists of the sections needed to think through the engineering of the part using their knowledge about birds a little more carefully. Students didn't rush and did very well, however this level of rigor for problem solving and understanding that specialized parts of the bird are designed so the bird can live. 

  Taking Longer Than Expected
  Rigor: Taking Longer Than Expected
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Fashion a Bird: Day 2

Unit 7: Animals: Structures and Processess
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Objective: Students show understanding of external and internal structures of a bird that help it survive and reproduce.

Big Idea: Using the knowledge they know about birds, students draw parts and jigsaw a bird together. Then, they need to create a story about how the design of that bird helps it survive.

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Science, design, adaptation, birds, collaborative groups, art integration, structures, adaptations of animals, animal
  85 minutes
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