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I am sure that the higher level students will have absorbed much of the content and that a significant amount of the language was appropriate for them.  I am also certain that the students who are at grade level and solid learners had questions, but also through dialogue and classroom conversation understood a large amount of the information.  The lower level students and English Language Learners may have struggled a bit more with the content.  However, I have confidence in several things: the graphics and interactions are very visual.  With the moving elements, the information tends to grab their attention and help them to visually attach meaning to the information.  Secondly, the conversation that accompanies the learning is critical for all the learners to build more understanding and layer their 

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Puzzling together the timeline of the Earth...

Unit 9: Unit 8 - Earth's Past...How Did it Get Here?
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT create and piece together the major eras of the Earth's transition from beginning to present day.

Big Idea: Understanding the huge idea of how long it has taken the Earth to reach it's present state is enormous. This lesson begins to attempt to open this concept up for students and create a timeline to document those changes.

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