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Even though knowledge of the planets is not a standard for kindergarten,it seemed like a natural topic to cover during this unit on the sun.The students learned some interesting facts about each planet.

There is a natural fascination that most kindergarteners have about space.  The students are curious about these far away planets because of exposure through mostly fictitious movies and televisions shows.  The students really enjoyed learning about the planets.  So much, that it inspired me to have them do a planet art project (click here).   The students were so excited! They couldn't wait to bring the projects home to show their parents. 

I received this e-mail from a parent talking about her daughters experience during our unit on the sun and planets:

" I wanted to share with you what happened tonight by the bonfire.  We somehow started a discussion about the moon and planets.   Brad asked Sienna what the hottest planet was. She said Venus. He said he thought it was mercury as it is closest to the sun.   She was insisted it was Venus; so we decided to Google it.  She was right!  (The look on Brads face was comical that she was right and he was wrong. )  he asked where she learned it.  She said a book from the library.  Because she was so excited to learn about the solar system, and you helped instill the love of reading in your class, she checked out the library book, "Suns, Stars and Planets" and taught her Dad a lesson about the planets!"

The standards provide a wonderful road map for lesson planning, but sometimes it is okay to take a trip down a different road, especially if it inspires students to learn and explore on their own.

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Exploring the Planets

Unit 10: The Sun and Our Solar System
Lesson 6 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to share facts about planets by completing a book.

Big Idea: Learning about the planets is a natural extension in our exploration of the sun. In this lesson, students gain an introductory understanding about the planets in our solar system.

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