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The scope of this project for students can be overwhelming so it is important to break it into manageable steps for the students and to constantly monitor the groups to ensure they are getting the support they need to keep moving forward.  This is our final unit of our year so students have been developing the skills needed to be able to handle the complexity of this task.  If this is your first attempt at PBL, you will likely need to adjust your pace and provide more guidance during each lesson (don't let that scare you away, though, it is an opportunity to make this unit your own!)

  The Scope of This Project
  Complex Tasks: The Scope of This Project
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What Are We Coming Home To? (Part 3)

Unit 10: Design a Resilient, Self-Sustaining Community
Lesson 3 of 11

Objective: SWBAT explain the potential impacts that the rise in global temperatures can have on the Earth and our way of life.

Big Idea: Students use their research skills to determine all of the ways that global warming can impact life on Earth, specifically how pests may have altered our ecosystems due to the warmer temperatures.

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