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This lesson had students tackle the concept of how seasons occur by participating in an inquiry lesson about the Earth's revolution around the sun.  How seasons occur can easily be confused with the concept of day and night.  This happened when teaching this lesson, but I was able to get the students back on track. 

Many adults cannot describe how seasons occur, but here we are introducing this concept to kindergarteners.  I think it is a good thing to challenge students on the complicated concepts.  The students may not understand all of the instruction, but they will take away a basic understanding.  "We have seasons because of the way the Earth moves round the sun."  or "The way the Earth tilts gives us seasons.  This knowledge will be built on in future years.  This is just the foundation, an introduction to the concept and vocabulary.  We often become so fixated on the standards that we are teaching that we forget the need to provide the building blocks for standards in subsequent years.  This lesson will serve as a foundation for more advanced learning that is yet to come. 

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  Rigor: Challenging Concept
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Exploring the Four Seasons

Unit 10: The Sun and Our Solar System
Lesson 5 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to describe characteristics of each season by completing a book.

Big Idea: Students will get great practice categorizing characteristics of each season in this literacy linked lesson.

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