Reflection: ELL Students Futher Exploration of Day and Night - Section 2: Direct Instruction


For this lesson, the students learned about the concept of day and night and things associated with each.  The students completed an activity in which they categorized items as being associated with day and night. 

This lesson was designed to reach a variety of learners at different levels.  My English Language Learners had the opportunity to expand their vocabulary and reinforce their understanding of basic concepts.  They had the opportunity to provide a English label to many things during the lesson.  The class also had the opportunity to review the somewhat challenging concept of the Earth's rotation.  The students were stretched further when they were asked to classify characteristics of daytime and nighttime using a Venn diagram.  As I was writing this lesson, a friend of mine commented, "Venn Diagram...Gee, I think I did not really use those until Middle School."  Categorizing items using a Venn Diagram definitely increases the rigor of this lesson.

When teaching to standards, we are afforded the opportunity to structure and tailor lessons to meet the needs of a variety of learners while moving all students toward mastery of the standard.  It is very freeing to set down the teachers manual and create lessons that challenge and inspire my learners.  No one knows my students better than me, so I am best equipped to create the most meaningful learning experience.  The move to standard-based instruction has been a positive one and I am excited to continue to tailor my instruction to meet the needs of my students.

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Futher Exploration of Day and Night

Unit 10: The Sun and Our Solar System
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to describe differences between day and night by completing a sort.

Big Idea: Defining what happens during the day and the night can be a difficult concept for kindergarten students. This lesson helps them expand their understanding.

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