Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Decomposition Over Time - Section 4: Wrap Up


This is one of the most exciting lessons  to teach the students because the students are able to note changes over time. The students really enjoyed taking notes about the different changes occurring as well as illustrating the different items. Reflecting back to this lesson, I believe that questioning the students as they recorded their findings definitely aided the students in making connections and comparing the items. The students were able to think critically and share that thinking with the class. Overall, this was an amazing conclusion to a great unit, and an even more exciting way to end the school year.

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Decomposition Over Time

Unit 10: Flow of Matter and Energy: Recycling & Decomposition
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Objective: Students will be able to observe and analyze decomposing items over time and draw conclusions based on data.

Big Idea: Students will observe their organic and inorganic materials for a final time and draw conclusions about decomposition.

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Science, Energy (Physical Science), recycling, decomposition, organic, inorganic, matter
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