Reflection: Perseverance Knowledge is Power (2/3) - Section 2: Active Engagement


I try, in most of my units and lessons, to give the students a chance to research topics and concepts. This, I believe, is so important in the area of building perseverance for students. Not only do students need to experiment, log data, and make predictions, but they also need to learn to research other scientific information and use it to build on their conceptual knowledge, independently. 

Think about offering your students research opportunities within your units-you'll see a different outcome than usual!

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  Perseverance: Making Meaning
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Knowledge is Power (2/3)

Unit 11: End of Year Activities
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: Students will be able to gather information to guide their paper plane design revisions.

Big Idea: Science is guided by curiosity, research, and experiment. This lesson focuses on the second step-research-through an organized process.

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