Reflection: High Quality Task Flying Into a Problem (1/3) - Section 3: Active Engagement


Getting out to the way is the hardest thing for most teachers to do, yet is is one of the most important strategies to increase student success. What this means is systematically handing over the locus of control (LOC) to students.  In this way, the questioning and learning becomes theirs, and I simply become a support system. I have included a link to an article about LOC here

In my opinion, giving students all the resources and support they need to explore their thinking and ideas raises motivation, effort, and purpose. Under those conditions, students feel risk-free in developing understanding on their own. At this point, I become a guide, rather than a vault of information. 

When we allow the students to explore their world, design and modify with purpose, and celebrate their attempts, then the results become internal, rather than simply external. The product is more a thinking child than a straight flying plane!

  Supplying Resources and Getting Out of the Way
  High Quality Task: Supplying Resources and Getting Out of the Way
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Flying Into a Problem (1/3)

Unit 11: End of Year Activities
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: Students will be able to gather data and information in order to build a successful paper airplane.

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