Reflection: Backwards Planning Science Fair - Experimental Design II - Section 3: Students in Action


The experimental designs both deliberate in this section and others we will do that are embedded in other lessons will help build the foundation for success when students do the science fair for real.

I do not expect my students or their families to be science fair experts. I deliberately plan lessons that have elements of the science fair to build scaffolding for student success. With each lesson we focus on a particular skill that will help students succeed. Trying to address all skills at the time of the science fair is simply too much material for students to master at one time. Now when we start science fair students may need a small nudge to remember what we have done before but it will not be an entirely new idea.

By the time we start science fair, the only new learning for students should be the experiment itself. All other tasks within the science fair process have been introduced and practiced long before the students are expected to start their science fair.

  Stepping through the Science Fair
  Backwards Planning: Stepping through the Science Fair
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Science Fair - Experimental Design II

Unit 12: Science Fair
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT design, conduct & analyze an experiment using only items supplied.

Big Idea: Designing, conducting & analyzing an experiment takes practice time for success.

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