Reflection: Supervising Student Teachers Vocabulary and Introduction - Section 2: Vocabulary We Need to Know


When explaining the goal and objective of the lesson, I want students to understand why we are beginning with the vocabulary first and not learning as we go. To help them understand I have to first explain the why to my student teacher who will be responsible for teaching the upcoming unit. Students have had very little prior learning experiences with waves and so using the vocabulary as an introduction sets them up for words that are important to their learning while giving them an idea of the direction we will be headed. The words can then be referenced as they learn and to help my student teacher in making sure these concepts are covered. 

  Why Vocabulary as Lesson
  Supervising Student Teachers: Why Vocabulary as Lesson
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Vocabulary and Introduction

Unit 9: Waves
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: SWBAT define and practice with vocabulary that will help them as they learn about waves.

Big Idea: To be ready for a new unit of study, vocabulary is a great place to introduce the new topic while preparing them for the learning to come.

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