Reflection: Lesson Planning Inventing Ideas for Volcano Safety - Section 3: Invention Sharing


The ideas that groups produced were fun and innovating. It would have been great to give each group some random materials before hand and to have them develop their invention from them. I thought of this after the fact and thought that having each group produce a model would take this lesson to an even higher level. It could then be further developed into a writing assignemnt where each group tries to persuade a city coubcil into buying their invention to save their city. 

  Extension Through a Model
  Lesson Planning: Extension Through a Model
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Inventing Ideas for Volcano Safety

Unit 5: Processes That Shape the Earth
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT collaborate and develop a list of possible futuristic ideas that could protect our town if a volcano was to become active around us.

Big Idea: After learning about volcanos, students can use their imagination to develop futuristic safety inventions that would protect a town from a volcanic explosion.

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