Reflection: Flexibility Interpreting Algebraic Expressions Day 1 - Section 1: Warm up, Homework Check, and Partner Team Building


I found that many students struggled with this warm up at first and didn't put anything down.  Some students got 2(3x + 2) but very few other models.  I decided to use this as a teaching opportunity and modeled an additional problem on the board like (2x + 5) + (4x - 1).  Once they realized the range of possibilities, they were able to write several other examples.  Next time I use this warm up, I may give an model example first. The two artifacts, student A and student B give you an idea of what you might expect.

  Flexibility: Interpreting Algebraic Expressions Warm Up Reflection
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Interpreting Algebraic Expressions Day 1

Unit 1: Modeling with Expressions and Equations
Lesson 3 of 15

Objective: Students will be able to translate between words, symbols, tables, and area representations of algebraic expressions.

Big Idea: This two part lesson allows students to strengthen and deepen their understanding of the multiple forms of algebraic expressions.

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Math, Expressions (Algebra), Algebra, modeling, Algebra 2, master teacher project, Algebra 1
  50 minutes
image interpreting algebraic expressions
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