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I have a few developmentally delayed students, a couple of mono-lingual Spanish students, and some severe speech students. Because of this, I guide my students in analyzing and discussing data that is gathered during experiments.

In this lesson, I have the kids measure and record the temperatures of the water and the number of times the fish moves in the water. I then record all of the information on one large chart paper so we can compare and discuss data. I am guiding them to notice patterns in data collected.

In this lesson, the kids noticed that every table had temperatures within a couple of degrees of each other for each water temperature test as well as very close numbers of fish movement for each temperature. Teaching the kids to look for patterns in data is teaching them to work like real scientists.

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  Grappling with Complexity: Analysis and discourse
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Fishy Temperatures

Unit 7: Let's go fishing!
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT determine the effects of temperature change on fish by adding cold and warm water to fish environments.

Big Idea: Kids will learn that a change in the environment can have a direct effect on the creatures within it.

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fish tank temps
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