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I have a few developmentally delayed students, a couple of mono-lingual Spanish students, and some severe speech students. Because of this, I chose to provide my students with several face-to-face, hands-on experiences with goldfish.

Having these hands-on encounters makes the experience real and personal. The kids get so much more learning out of our time when they are able to do things themselves. For this lesson, observing the fish was their first and most important experience with the goldfish. This was the first time many of my kids had seen a fish close up.

The observations were very successful! The kids were able to see how the fish move, use their gills, and were able to help each other identify the body parts of the fish. It also generated a lot of excitement. My students never want to be absent because they know that everyday is a unique learning experience.

  Student Led Inquiry: Observations
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Meeting Goldie the Goldfish

Unit 7: Let's go fishing!
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Objective: SWBAT identify the parts of a goldfish by labeling a diagram.

Big Idea: Kids observe a fish to understand how a fish lives.

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