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Kids can learn a great deal from working with models. My developmentally delayed students, couple mono-lingual Spanish students, and severe speech students greatly benefit from anything done in picture form. They learn the key vocabulary through discussions followed by using it in labeling the diagram.

This diagram is of the body parts of the guppy, which they related to the body parts of the goldfish. This reinforced the vocabulary and where the body parts are located on the fish. Models are the next best thing to the living animal without it flopping off the table!

The kids really enjoy when we use diagrams to demonstrate our understanding of a subject. They like the cut and paste part, but most of all enjoy connecting to the science content and vocabulary. Parents tell me all of the time how much their kids like to brag about the work they do in science class.

  Diagrams as models
  Performance Tasks: Diagrams as models
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Meet Gilbert the Guppy

Unit 7: Let's go fishing!
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT to identify the parts of a guppy by using what they learned when observing the goldfish in the prior lesson.

Big Idea: Kids learn to apply what they know from earlier lessons about the physical structure of fish

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