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While I would not say this was a true performance task, I felt as though I was getting very strong and solid evidence of the learning my students gained this school year. I was so excited when I heard the high level of conversation throughout the classroom. I was impressed that the children could carry on the conversations and continue for a good five to ten minutes.  Even the children who struggled with language in the beginning of the school year, showed great progress in their language and understanding of the concepts.  

I was pleased that I saw them get to the dialogue instantly. There was no horse play or redirecting needed on my part. The children really internalized the need to take this seriously and went for it.  

I walked through the classroom with a high sense of satisfaction that I had just witnessed growth of the highest level.  It was really impressive to watch the kids in action. 

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  Performance Tasks: My Observations
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What do you think? The practice of theories.

Unit 9: Unit 8 - Earth's Past...How Did it Get Here?
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Objective: SWBAT create and defend a theory about the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Big Idea: Using the conversation of the extinction of dinosaurs, students will actively engage in discussions with their own personal theories about extinction.

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