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When the school year began, my students didn't know the difference between a statement and a question. When they did ask questions it was only to access things for their basic needs like going to the bathroom or getting a drink of water.

Through teaching kids how to make connections brings them to a level to where they can learn to ask questions for learning. I start with something they know that they can connect to then begin asking questions that build off of their base knowledge. For instance, in this lesson, We learned about a variety of human habitats and I asked them questions about where they were located and the materials they were made out of. From there I began asking the kids about what kind of weather might be experienced in the areas based on what they know about the materials the houses are built from. This led them to make connections and make hypotheses about the weather in each area and brought us to a place where I could introduce the next unit of study in the next science lesson, weather.

This strategy is successful because it brings all the learning together; it reminds them of what they already know as well as reinforces the new learning. It's a great way to prepare the kids for the next unit of study.

  Making connections
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Making connections
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Human Habitats

Unit 6: What's your habitat?
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: SWBAT explain why human habitats are different depending on where you live by considering the impact of climate.

Big Idea: This lesson explores how environment influences on human habitats.

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