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My class includes three developmentally delayed children, three speech impaired and a few ELL students. Sometimes knew information that is difficult to connect to prior learning is hard to relay to them in such a way that they are able to take ownership of the information. That is the case with the pond. We have very few here so most of my kids were only familiar with them through the reading of children's books like, The Ugly Duckling.

For this lesson, I had the kids build models of ponds to bring the understanding of how it serves as a habitat and how the animals live off of each other, creating it's own ecosystem. By building a model of the pond they were able to understand how the water, plants, and animals work together to create the environment. It did not matter what learning level the kids were at, what language they spoke, or if they had strong speaking skills or not because the models spoke for themselves.

This strategy is very successful for all classrooms at all grade levels. Hearing, seeing, and creating seals the learning and makes difficult concepts much easier to learn and understand.

  Pond Models
  Student Ownership: Pond Models
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Pondering the Pond

Unit 6: What's your habitat?
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: SWBAT identify habitats found in pond areas by matching the animal to their habitat.

Big Idea: Children learn that every animal has a specific habitat.

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