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In my classroom I have three DDD students and a few ELL kids. Do to language barriers, it is necessary for these students to have role models in the use of the English language as well as science discourse.

Having constant meaningful discussions in the classroom is the key. By meaningful, I mean they must be guided by the teacher so kids stay on topic and remain engaged. Inaccurate information is gently and respectfully corrected by the teacher or other students. All students are required to be active listeners as others speak and they are encouraged to ask questions of each other.

This strategy is successful because it has created a classroom culture of learning and dialogue. My ELL kids, DDD students and my shy kids have all grown to a point where they want to speak in front of the class and answer questions asked by other students. It was very slow in the beginning, but it is coming to the kids very naturally now. This has well prepared them for first grade and the future.

  Students modeling scientific discussions for ELL and resource kids
  Discourse and Questioning: Students modeling scientific discussions for ELL and resource kids
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Hoo lives in the in woods?

Unit 6: What's your habitat?
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT identify habitats found in the forest by matching the animals' needs to their habitat.

Big Idea: Children learn that every animal has a specific habitat based on their specific needs.

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