Reflection: Rigor Argumentation- Should the United States Continue to Use Nuclear Power? - Section 5: Evaluate


With NGSS I am stepping outside my comfort zone and trying some new things with my students.  I felt that nuclear energy was a great place to try to have students work on their argumentation skills so that they could work with the Science and Engineering Practice #7 of Engaging in an Argument from Evidence.  

Overall, I feel that this lesson went well.  Students were engaged in reading about nuclear power and many of them were able to come to a decision in regards to whether or not they felt that the U.S. should continue to use nuclear power.  Some students even began to debate with each other because they felt so strongly about the topic!

There are some things that I would like to change for next time I do this with my class.  It would be nice if I could find some more articles for students from original sources like the second article, rather than the How Stuff Works Article.  I spent a lot of time trying to find articles and I found this very difficult.  I feel that many of the articles are written either very vaguely for the general public or very technical for the scientific community.  This is something that I will be working with my school librarian to try to find better resources for students to read.  

  Argumentation in Chemistry Class
  Rigor: Argumentation in Chemistry Class
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Argumentation- Should the United States Continue to Use Nuclear Power?

Unit 9: Unit 10: Nuclear Chemistry and Final Exam Review
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Objective: Students will be able to use evidence to argue whether or not the United States should use nuclear power as demonstrated by writing an argumentative paper.

Big Idea: Nuclear power plants are used as a source of power throughout the world. This type of power has both benefits and detriments which are important to understand.

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