Reflection: Routines and Procedures How to be Machiavellian and Other Useful Techniques for Taking Over the World: Rubric Creation (Day 2 of 4) - Section 1: SSR


Typically, I use SSR time to read with the students. I think it is important to model reader behaviors to them and show them that I am always working to improve my reading too.

However, occasionally, to make sure there is time for other activities or class focus or any number of things, I will used SSR to set up for our group work today. I walked the room to put my initials on their completed reading homework. This gave me a sense of who was ready to move into groups and who was not. It was very revealing--and annoying--how many did not have their homework done, so I had to use the final minutes of their reading time to punt.

  What I do during SSR
  Routines and Procedures: What I do during SSR
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How to be Machiavellian and Other Useful Techniques for Taking Over the World: Rubric Creation (Day 2 of 4)

Unit 3: Informational Text: How to Read for Rhetoric
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT cite strong and thorough textual evidence of what The Prince says explicitly and implicitly by creating rubrics for Machiavellian leaders.

Big Idea: Reading difficult text requires support and opportunities for discussion. Today we will Provide a focus for this to make our dialogue richer and more meaningful.

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