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Building A Resource Library

Building a resource library is a high quality task. A high quality task should be challenging for students, met with guidance from adults and peers. There are several components to a high quality task which include:

1. Develop your own guidelines. My students were required to produce five (5) correctly sited bibliographic cards as resources for the library. The five resources were scored as a quiz grade.

2. The task should be tangible and authentic that represents "big ideas" or the essential questions from a unit of study.

3. Create appropriate expectations for your grade level. With modeling, guidance and a pre-printed form, I expected my students to correctly fill-in bibliographic information to identify a resource that could be used by their peers for this unit of study.

4. Accessible for all students. My students had access to and used Chromebooks, but other options could be a tablet, device, laptop, or school computer lab. You could also have a variety of text available from your school or local library which includes tradebooks, textbooks, and other nonfiction text. Put the books on a cart and let your students explore.

5. Active work that is student-centered. The student is a decision maker. I ask students to find value in the resources they share with their peers.

  Building A Resource Library
  High Quality Task: Building A Resource Library
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Student Created Resource Library

Unit 5: Master Disaster
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Objective: SWBAT investigate credible websites to develop a Student Created Resource Library.

Big Idea: Construct a collaborative student created resource library. These resources will be an interactive bulletin board for the project and students will have access to what lies within.

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