Reflection: Checks for Understanding Lesson 5: Dolphin Pods, Strength in Numbers! - Section 5: Class Discussion/ Wrap Up


I deliver a lesson, the students work together, and I think everything is going great, until I read some of the notebook responses. I find that if students know that they are responsible for quality work, I will receive it. For this reason, I reviewed the Dolphin 3-2-1 Rubric with my class. They understood that this was a group grade, so everyone had to be invested and must contribute. I observed the group interactions as well as graded on neatness. I purposely created a very simple rubric so that I could grade the work on the spot, this helps me immensely with time management.

  Checks for Understanding: Using a rubric as another way of assess students' comprehension of the content.
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Lesson 5: Dolphin Pods, Strength in Numbers!

Unit 17: Teamwork, the Animal Survival Guide
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: Identify and interpret patterns in group behavior that help dolphins survive by observing dolphin behavior.

Big Idea: Being part of a group helps animals obtain food, defend themselves, and survive.

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Science, essay, rubric, survival, Writing Informative Text, dolphins, Mammals
  51 minutes
a pod of spinner dolphins in the red sea
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