Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge The Number Line Project: More Unit Lines and Finishing Up - Section 2: The Number Line Project, Parts 3b and 3c


As I think about what I said about Parts 3b and 3c being pretty straightforward once students have completed every preceding part of this project, it makes me think that I should have used a task like Part 3b two weeks ago, as a pre-assessment of students' abilities to construct number lines like these.

Next year, I will add that to this curriculum.

  This would have made a great pre-assessment!
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: This would have made a great pre-assessment!
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The Number Line Project: More Unit Lines and Finishing Up

Unit 2: The Number Line Project
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT construct number lines that represent different units with attention to scale.

Big Idea: Swapping units can change everything about a data display. Students build their background knowledge on this idea by constructing their own number lines for distance conversions.

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