Reflection: Joy Fission and Fusion Nuclear Reactions - Section 4: Elaborate Part I


Although chemistry is a high school level class, it is sometimes useful to take a step back and do really simple activities with students simply for the sake of having fun.  In this lesson I have students do an activity where they are smushing mini marshmallows together and sending pipe cleaners out into the air to demonstrate nuclear fusion.  I cannot say that doing this activity really helps students to better understand fusion (after all they do take notes and see pictures and watch a video); however, they enjoy this activity and it only takes several minutes.   Therefore, although it may not be super rich in terms of learning, it does give students a mini break from the notes and gets them to have some fun.

  Engaging Students Through Simple Activities
  Joy: Engaging Students Through Simple Activities
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Fission and Fusion Nuclear Reactions

Unit 9: Unit 10: Nuclear Chemistry and Final Exam Review
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: Students will be able to explain what occurs in fission and fusion reactions through taking notes and performing activities.

Big Idea: During nuclear reactions the nuclei of atoms can change by splitting in fission reactions and combining in fusion reactions.

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