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My students have very little information  to put on a resume. For some students this is an aha moment. Already thinking about their first job or perhaps even their college application, some students ask what can I do to add to my resume?

This is a great opportunity to reach out to students about the real-world application of the resume. We can brainstorm some ideas for improving or adding to their resume. Perhaps they want to focus on becoming an expert is some computer software. Another opportunity for students to add to their resume is by becoming involved in school activities. They may want to volunteer for homework club or run for student council. Perhaps they can start a babysitting or lawn moving business.

I tell students that employers and college acceptance committees do look for candidates who have some experience. What changes can you make to be sure you have experience?

  Resumes for Middle School Students
  Real World Applications: Resumes for Middle School Students
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Motorized Toy Project - Team Resumes (Lesson 4)

Unit 9: Engineering
Lesson 10 of 15

Objective: SWBAT create resumes for the various positions within the their motorized toy company

Big Idea: The motorized toy company has three major roles where each student on the team takes a lead role.

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