Reflection: Backwards Planning Problem, Importance, Solutions - Section 2: Active Engagement


By the time we got to the end of this project, I realized that I learned something about its design during each session. 

The first lesson was exactly how I wanted it, creative, open, and necessary for me to learn how to develop our next steps. However, I should have designed my organizer in a different way.  As we worked through the second session, I realized this group of students needed the steps to be more concrete, as well as the components of our PSA.

Next year, I will be sure to begin with Problem, Importance, and Solution. Then I will allow the students a "creative and open" session, followed be a critiquing and revision session.

All in all, this work was successful and informative for me. I realized how much the students learned about bats, the dangers for these animals, and how their plight affects us. I am very proud of how important the topic became to the students!

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Problem, Importance, Solutions

Unit 10: Engineering and Design: Saving the Little Brown Bat
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: Students will be able to complete a PSA that expresses a purpose and evidence for a call to action.

Big Idea: The science and engineering practice 8 (Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information) is critical in the growth of scientific thinkers. This lesson will blend the content and the communication standards.

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