Reflection: Student Ownership Motorized Toy Project - The Corporation (Lesson 3) - Section 3: Students in Action


The corporation is an important step in the Motorized Toy Project even though standards are not specifically tied to this task.

Students will be working together on the project for about 3 weeks. During the 3 three weeks, student project leadership will change as the needs of the project change. The engineer will take the lead role during the building phase, the designer will take the lead role during the creation of the skin and the marketer will take the lead role during the creation of the video. Each team member will participate in all aspects of the project. To keep the identity and focus of the group fluid during the lead role changes it is important that the groups identity remain intact.

Students have fun with the corporation. Some spend time researching names on the internet, others use team member initials to derive a name, still other groups are wildly creative. Working together to determine how they will be identified as a corporation for the duration of the project unites the team members together for a common goal.

  Corporation Identification
  Student Ownership: Corporation Identification
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Motorized Toy Project - The Corporation (Lesson 3)

Unit 9: Engineering
Lesson 9 of 15

Objective: SWBAT collaborate as a team to form a company to develop a new motorized toy.

Big Idea: Developing a corporate name, logo & slogan to plan, build, test and market a new motorized toy prototype

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