Reflection: Real World Applications Company Plans to Slow or Stop Erosion - Section 2: Question for the Day and Setting the Stage


I want to encourage my students to act and think like scientists and engineers. What better way then through a simulation. The simulation allows them to play with their self concepts, i.e. 'I get to act like an engineer ... I am the engineer that can help design a solution.' This is a form of play for the students.

The simulation encourages students to explore a real world scenario. It gives the lab a reason, beyond the task at hand. It gives students a larger reason for conducting the lab.

  Why a Simulation
  Real World Applications: Why a Simulation
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Company Plans to Slow or Stop Erosion

Unit 4: Unit 4 - Surface Water and Landform Interactions
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Objective: SWBAT make a diagram to show how to slow or stop erosion on a slope. In the net lesson, they will use their diagrams to build and test their erosion solution model.

Big Idea: Sometimes erosion can be detrimental, in this lesson Erosion Companies design erosion solution diagrams to slow or stop erosion in Rock Away Town.

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Science, erosion, landforms, water cycle, water
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