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In my classroom I use Pre-Assessments to better understand the learning needs of each of my students. During today's lesson I am looking for ways to tailor upcoming lessons to the needs of individual learners. I want to challenge my students, but not intimidate them with too much rigor too soon. I use the results of the Pre-Assessment to help my group my students as we begin the unit. Here are the levels into which I categorize students based on today's results:

  1. Does not demonstrate prior knowledge of Standards
  2. Some prior knowledge intermixed with misconceptions or gaps
  3. On target for learning the content of this unit
  4. Demonstrates fluency with some or all of the Standards in this unit

By identifying where my students stand, I am better able to choose tasks, form collaborative groups, and differentiate instruction.

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Unit 3 Pre-Assessment

Unit 3: Expressions
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Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate what they already know about working with ratios and proportions.

Big Idea: Understand where students are, so that you can map a journey to where you want them to be.

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