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Students really had a hard time with their third and fourth paragraphs that backed up their thesis. Often they strayed from sticking to the thesis and moving into more facts. It showed me that I need to practice this more earlier in the year. I tried to decide what was different this year and why were the papers weaker than in the past. I had worked on " think alouds, write alouds"  in shorter pieces using Newsela articles in the past. They had practiced in language arts and in social studies class. I thought I could ease up a little this time. It proved me wrong. They were not as independent in this area as I had thought. What did surface was great usage of time in planning, using the plan to write, and creating well written sentences in each paragraph with a good thesis. Yay for that!

In this video sample and reflection, I forgot to mention the two last paragraphs that are a sample of some of the best writing and still lacks the facts backing up the thesis. it a mammal or what?
  Essay Writing: it a mammal or what?
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Essay : Are You Sure a Platypus is a Mammal? Prove it!

Unit 7: Animals: Structures and Processess
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Objective: Students use research to answer whether or not a Platypus is really a mammal.

Big Idea: Students write an opinion essay using prior knowledge, research and conclusions as they decide if the evidence in their research supports that it is truly a mammal.

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Science, Mind Mapping, opinion writing, Gathering Grids, Specialized Structures, adaptation, structures, adaptations of animals, animal
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