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Up to this point in the year, my students had been doing experiments with my guidance. This experience was the perfect opportunity to informally introduce the engineering and design concept to the kids. I simply posed the question and had them come up with ways that they could make a weak piece of wood stronger.

The kids did a great job of evaluating the question and coming up with the idea of how to make the wood stronger. What remained as a challenge was the design part. What would be the best materials to use to accomplish strengthening the wood?

After a few different trials using tape and glue, all of the kids finally decided that the best solution to this problem would be to use the glue sticks provided in their box. They did an excellent job making sure the pieces were lined up and had an adequate amount of glue between each piece. They decided this would make the strongest piece of wood and their tests proved to be correct.

  Using the engineering design process in kinder
  Real World Applications: Using the engineering design process in kinder
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Make it a wood sandwich!

Unit 5: What WOOD you do?
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Objective: SWBAT create a stronger piece of wood by utilizing the engineering design process.

Big Idea: This lesson teaches kids that the properties of wood are strengthened when wood is combined together to make a single block.

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