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Students did very well on this assessment. This was the final assessment of the school year and the information was still fresh in their minds. The students were able to understand the simple vocabulary on the assessment because it matched the vocabulary that we used within the classroom throughout the unit. Overall, majority of the student scored , "Proficient" on this assessment.

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Flow of Matter and Energy: Recycling & Decomposition Assessment

Unit 10: Flow of Matter and Energy: Recycling & Decomposition
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: Students will be able to complete a formative based on information gathered throughout the unit.

Big Idea: Students will complete an assessment on the life cycle of a product, reducing, reusing, and recycling, and decomposition.

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Science, Energy (Physical Science), recycling, reuse, recycle, Reduce, decomposition, assessment, matter, Energy
  41 minutes
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