Reflection: Electrostatic Charge Stations - Section 3: Students Experiment at the Electrostatic Charge Stations


I love station work as it gives students an opportunity to be exposed to several different situations on a theme. It also creates a fast paced environment where students have to get to the next station, quickly read through the instructions, experiment with the materials and write a conclusion. There is no time to be distracted or off task as the timer ticks down the seconds before they have to move onto the next station. One exception is station 4 with the single balloon. Students stick the balloon to the wall, write a brief explanation and then sit around for the remaining few minutes unengaged in electrostatics. It would be good to add some more work to do at that station for future classes.

By putting the station rotation on a timer (which is available for free through, I avoid having to directly run the activity. This is the best place for me because I can focus on student understanding and ways to improve the stations for future classes. Once the instructions are given and the timer started, students are able to complete the activities undirected. This frees me up to observe what happens with the students during the activity. I'll occasionally intervene if I see a group struggle or if something goes wrong with the materials.

  Stations Reflection
  Stations Reflection
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Electrostatic Charge Stations

Unit 4: Electrostatics and Circuits
Lesson 4 of 16

Objective: Students create charge diagrams based on their observations at a variety of stations with electrostatic activities.

Big Idea: Charge stays in place on an insulator and charge is free to move around on a conductor.

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electrostatics, Science, electrostatic attraction, charged particles, circuits (Tech and Eng), physics, conduction, induction, stations, charge, proton, electrons
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