Reflection: Student Feedback Analyzing How Complex Characters in "Drenched In Light" Develop Over the Course of the Story. - Section 2: Building Knowledge


Right from the beginning, many of the students felt that the protagonist, Isis, is an outgoing girl who wants to play and enjoy the people she meets but whose chores given by her grandma created a conflict in life.  Words that students used to describe the tone that was created by the use of dialect included: sad, frustrating, angry, and mischievous.  We all agreed that feeling sympathetic towards Isis's situation was conveyed in the dialogue.

Students had diverse reactions to grandma's threats of corporal punishment because many of my students where brought up by a parent who used corporal punishment as a primary means of disciplining. They where very vocal about its potential abuse as well as its effectiveness in getting a child to behave out of fear of being hit.   

I asked my students to try and predict if Isis would be punished and if so what effect would it have on her emotionally?  I asked this question for the purpose of helping them relate to the character as well as engage in the story that they were about to read.

How would you include your students' experiences especially if they were different from the main character in the story?



  Student Feedback: Tone
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Analyzing How Complex Characters in "Drenched In Light" Develop Over the Course of the Story.

Unit 4: Short Fiction: "Drenched In Light"
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT read and comprehend dialect and how Zora N. Hurston’s characters in “Drenched In Light” advance the plot and develop theme by reading an adapted story and answering teacher made questions.

Big Idea: Why is a petulant character known as "the joyful?"

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