Reflection: Vertical Alignment The Platypus is an Enigma! Day 1 - Section 2: Beginning the Research


The vertebrate research lesson set them up for this research project. That is why just a summary was necessary because they could use that summary to help them think about the traits of the platypus, which can be very confusing. The familiar gathering grid organized their resources, promoted critical thought about finding answers to what specialized structures helps this animal survive and helped them understand that deciding how to classify this creature was going to be challenging.

  Building Upon Prior Skills
  Vertical Alignment: Building Upon Prior Skills
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The Platypus is an Enigma! Day 1

Unit 7: Animals: Structures and Processess
Lesson 12 of 13

Objective: Students research traits of the platypus to determine if it is a mammal.

Big Idea: Using various resources, students gather information about traits of the platypus to question science.

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Science, Research Strategies, Platypus, Questioning Science, Unusual Mammal, Research, adaptation, structures, adaptations of animals, animal
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